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Safer Dallas Better Dallas

The mission of Safer Dallas Better Dallas is (1) to protect the citizens of Dallas from becoming victims of crime and engage them in a partnership with the Dallas Police Department, (2) to support the efforts of our Dallas police officers and (3) to make Dallas America's safest big city.
Safer Dallas is engaged in several efforts to boost the morale of officers in the DPD and to promote community engagement programs. We launched the "Thank a Cop" banner and yard sign movement; we are working closely with the department on specific ways to show our appreciation of the their hard work; and we are donating money and volunteers to some of their community engagement efforts. The "Let's Talk" youth program has been supported and partially funded by us for the past three years. Safer Dallas has also launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for the purchase of less-lethal single launchers, or "stingers" as they are known in the DPD. These launchers are particularly useful when dealing with mentally ill or out-of-control perpetrators who need to be subdued in a non-fatal way. Our fundraising goal is $250,000.