Raised for Nonprofits


The mission of the SAG3 non-profit organization is to minister and empower women and young adults in shelters and church organizations by using crocheting to re-establish traditions, values and importance of family in our community. The mission will be accomplished through lectures, mentoring and crafts in these six specific programs: Mentoring to young men and women in shelters or in church homes that are physically and mentally scared by the affects of domestic violence Mentoring to women in shelters that are escaping abusive homes Teaching the art of crocheting to re-establish the family unit and the development of a therapeutic method of dealing with loss Teaching values that are passed down through the African American Culture and mentoring a since of belonging Giving women the ability to look pass what seems impossible, to what they can accomplish with knowledge Distribution and donation of scarves, hats and throws for women that embrace the mission of the SAG3 Organization and to homeless men and women that are without family because of abuse
SAG3 is in need of donations and funding to continue supplying food, crochet materials and instruction to young men and women that are affected by domestic violence as well as young women and men that are homeless as a result of domestic violence.