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Sanctuary For Life

Sanctuary For Life is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing regenerative care for physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted caregivers. Sanctuary For Life supports, nurtures, and revitalizes exhausted caregivers through a unique, totally immersive approach to stress relief in which every aspect of the visual, aural, tactile, and aromatic environment--from soothing colors to brain-stimulating aromas, to peaceful birdsongs, flowing water and soft music, to pastoral artwork and living plants--is designed to produce and enhance human autonomic relaxation responses. The stress of caregiving is so great that caregivers stand at particular risk for a host of mental illnesses, many of which have roots in stress, exhaustion, and self-neglect. All too often, the stress ultimately causes the caregiver to die before the one they care for does. The Sanctuary For Life experience relieves stress, restores balance, and regenerates mental and emotional energy. It is often described by our guests as truly life-transforming.
Funding to scholarship, burnt out caregivers and veterans who need and deserve a pay-it-forward.