Raised for Nonprofits

Santa's Texas Team

Our Mission Statement: To bring the Spirit of Christmas Joy, laughter, and memories to others. Our Vision: - To use our talents and our efforts to create an attitude throughout the year that promotes the love and values of the Christmas Spirit to everyone. - To assist our community and organizations to help promote a spirit of goodwill; and be ambassadors and good stewards for our faith and abilities. - To help bring hope and charity to individuals and families in need who may be facing challenges that are unknown to others. - To provide a reason for individuals and families to rekindle their belief in the Spirit of Santa and Christmas
Funds to help offset organizational cost. Cost includes: Vehicle cost (fuel & expenses) to transport characters, (Santa, Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, Frosty the Snowman, Elves, etc.) to visit children, nursing homes, hospitals, public appearances Liability Insurance Costume upkeep, replacement, & repair Printing cost Gifts for nursing homes and children who are ill Equipment and supplies