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Second Chance Farm (Granbury, TX)

Our mission at Second Chance Farm is to offer quality care and a place of refuge for abused, physically handicapped, aged or homeless animals. Second Chance Farm, an open space facility, helps protect the quality of life of these animals while improving their well being through prevention, education, intervention, placement and lifetime care, so they can live out their lives with dignity, respect and love.
Monetary donations are needed the most. We just started a new, large rehab cabin that we need to finish with electric, water and inside needs. We have many animals that require immediate and often lifesaving or quality of life care, along with necessities such as food and shelter. We rescue and care for abused, neglected, homeless, handicapped and unwanted animals of all kinds. At SCF we have dogs, horses, mules, cows, .and even a ram named Aries. Many of our family members here at SCF have trouble seeing, hearing, walking or even standing. Many also struggle with mental and emotional ailments. We care for, shelter, feed, water and most importantly love the ~100+ Second Chance Farm family members 356 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our outside dogs live in areas that we've built and maintain with air conditioned/heated cabins and our larger outside animals have shelter as well, all of which are free range vs. kennels. We transport them anywhere needed to receive the medical care they require. All of this is only possible through the generosity and compassion of others who share in our mission and vision. Costs can be significant...as we strive to rehabilitate our family members both physically and emotionally to the point where they can be adopted into the right families....many of our family members have ailments so significant that they will forever be at the farm, living out their lives with friendship, dignity, respect and love.