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Seek The Peace, Inc

As a community of peacemakers, SEEK works to restore what conflict has undone and prevent future violence by equipping refugees to become leaders for peace at home and abroad. SEEK are equipping refugees to become future leaders for peace by transforming relationships, building capacity and political advocacy. At the root of conflict is a broken relationship. When relationships are broken harm is done and conflict ensues. We work to establish right relationships by healing trauma, establishing an ethic of mutual humanity, and facilitating a form of justice that restores. Refugees are those best suited to pursue peace in the midst of conflict. We equip refugees to become leaders for peace by strengthening and supporting their capacity to transform relationships and conflicts within their communities. We use our voice, our pen, our community and the legal system to stand for justice. For those who are vulnerable, voiceless, or who have been denied justice we stand in the gap asking others with a voice and with the power to make change to do what is right.