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Sharing the Love Foundation

Our Mission: To connect youth with resources that encourages leadership. Our Vision: A future community of empowered youth. Our core belief: Youth are our future, we have a responsibility to provide them with strategies and skills to be successful socially-conscious citizens.
Sharing the Love Foundation's current need is reliable transportation. We would like to purchase or lease two (15 passenger) vans, which will be utilized year-round. During the summers, the organization offers a six-week traveling summer camp ( Youth Can summer camp) for under-served kids and youth. Many of those who register often find that they are unable to attend due to a lack of transportation to this camp. Volunteers within Sharing the Love Foundation have been providing carpools up to this point; however as more families register, we are finding it more difficult to provide them on a consistent basis. In addition to our summer camp, we offer service project opportunities. Once a month, both our teenagers aka Young Ambassadors and the Youth Can kids are encouraged to complete 2-4 hours of community service. Our community service projects have made a growing impact within our community, and we would like to offer this opportunity to more of them. Moreover, our Young Ambassadors regularly attend leadership retreats, workshops, symposiums, and social events. Providing transportation to these designated activities will open the door to further our youth education and allow them to be a part of making a difference in our community.