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Shelter2Rescue Coalition Inc

Shelter2Rescue Coalition is an all-volunteer rescue organization dedicated to the safe-rehoming of shelter animals. Initially, we were a rescue facilitation organization, helping rural shelters publicize their at-risk dogs and cats, thereby dramatically reducing the need to euthanize for space. As we worked with more shelters, it became very apparent that if we could just buy some extra time for the dogs and cats up for euthanasia it was possible to save even more lives. The 72-hour hold limit at most shelters - and especially at rural shelters with little foot-traffic - is simply not enough time to give these animals a fighting chance at a forever home. Since our inception in 2007, we have expanded our reach and built partnerships with boarding facilities, transportation providers, and other rescue organizations both here in Texas and across the country in order to provide temporary safe havens for dogs who are out of time. Today, our operation is twofold: NoKill Rural Texas helps rural animal shelters move toward "no kill" status through facilitation and adoption, but we also have our own adoption program. To date, Shelter2Rescue Coalition volunteers have saved more than 4,000 dogs and cats, and that number continues to increase. We are diligent about matching potential adopters with just the right pet, as we want to ensure a lifelong placement - the perfect 'forever family' - for every animal we rescue. While our first commitment is to the dogs and cats in our care, we extend it to the families they join, and we are always available to help with transitioning animals to their new homes. We do not have a permanent facility, and often refer to our organization as a shelter without walls, but what we lack in bricks and mortar, we more than make up for in our commitment to rescuing dogs and cats in Texas, and our passion for the work we have chosen.
Shelter2Rescue are raising funds to buy a van. The van will assist us in transporting dogs and cats to out of state/in state rescues/adopters, vets, rehab and much more. Having our own vehicle will cut down on time wasted waiting to find help,and give us the ability to be much more efficient in saving lives. Our all volunteer rescue is reaching out to you for help. Shelter2Rescue spends a huge amount of money on boarding and temporary housing for dogs and cats waiting for either temporary rescue or permanent adopters. This gift will literally save lives. Among our constant needs are: Pet food for adult dogs and cats, as well as puppies and kittens, clumping cat litter, crates (used for transportation, and as kennels in our foster homes), cat condos, scratching posts, blankets, hard and soft toys, collars, leashes and harnesses, food and water bowls, chew toys, and training tools. As well as our tangible needs, we also require funding to cover veterinary care, complicated surgeries,regular vaccines, and special medications. In addition to our foster and adoption program's we also do our best to help feral cats and stray pets as much as we are able, which means we need funds for spaying and neutering them, as well as basic vaccinations. This year we started Ferals for Life, in the first 3 months we saved 100 feral cats/kittens. Some indeed were not feral and were rehomed. Help us help our rural shelters and communities save more dogs and cats, and make it a healthier place to live.