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Single Parent Advocate

Single Parent Advocate is dedicated to educate, equip, and empower single parent families and their children.. 1 in 3 North Texas children are being raised by a single parent. 60% of single parents are under financial duress. In fact, only 30% of available jobs pay enough for a single parent to raise 2 kids alone self sufficiently. SPA educates and advocates about resources for these, and provides a safe social network to help lift these lives for the sake of their stability, and the future. The organizations official mission statement is as follows: Single Parent Advocate is committed to educating, equipping, and empowering Single Parent Families with resource information, practical assistance, emotional encouragement, and social networking such that those who need help get help - and those who want to help, can.
Single Parent Advocate needs sponsors to host a number of events each year aimed at peak times of need for struggling single parent families. SAFE SOCIALS - Targeted events allowing single parent families an affordable way to connect to other single parents, celebrate holidays and enjoy fun family time with their kids such as Valentines, National Single Parents Day, and Father's Day. DISTRIBUTIONS - Backpacks/School Supplies, Food/Gifts at Thanksgiving and Christmas FUNDRAISING - Partnering strategic events designed to educate and increase awareness of issues affecting single parent families with raising funds for the Single Parent Advocate organization to help cover the basic organizational costs and family needs & opportunities. WE ARE ALWAYS IN NEED OF FAMILY SPONSORSHIP ITEMS: These may include: Childcare for a year/month, rent for a year/month, auto repairs, massages, counseling, barber shop & salon gift certificates, medical/dental/vision care assistance.