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Society of St. Vincent de Paul Fort Worth Council

The Fort Worth District Council is part of the National Society of St. Vincent de Paul. The Society is a charitable organization that provides help for those in financial distress. Through local organizations called conferences, financial help goes toward rent, utility bills, food as well as other types of financial needs. Two members ( a home visit team) visit people in their homes. Through the sponsoring parish financial support and outside donations, the conference provides financial aid. We serve the poor and disadvantaged with financial and material (food and clothing) support in Tarrant County as well as Carrollton in Denton County. Our conference funds in 2016 were in excess of $432,801 with 95.5% going directly to our neighbors-in-need. Two conferences through two food pantries provided over $887,646 worth of food for 48,291 neighbors. Other support of furniture clothing, or school supplies worth over $9,000 were provided to 763 people. Overall in 2016, the District Council supported over 40,595 neighbors.
Our new project is the Mini-Loan Conversion Program. When one of our neighbors-in-need has a pay-day loan, we will offer the possibility of converting that pay day loan to a loan with a local financial institution, where we provide the collateral. At a low interest rate, the loan is paid back to the financial institution over a nine-to-eighteen month period. The borrower is required to start a savings account and is encouraged to add to those savings. We offer a bonus of 10 percent of the loan amount if the borrower attends a financial education class and/or receives financial coaching and pays off the loan in a timely manner.