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"Feed MY Sheep" The SoupMobile is a mobile soup kitchen that feeds and shelters the homeless. Founded in 2003 by David Timothy, a.k.a., SoupMan, we serve more than 250,000 meals per year to the homeless in Dallas. In 2009 we started the SoupMobile Shelter Program, a supportive housing program for the homeless. The SoupMobile Shelter Program takes homeless men, women and FAMILIES off the streets and returns them to working, productive members of their communities. The SoupMobile Shelter Program is a "Hand UP, not a hand out". Our third mission is Christmas for the Homeless. 2,000 years ago there was 'No Room at the Inn' for baby Jesus. Starting in 2005 and every year since, the SoupMobile, in an event called Celebrate Jesus, makes 'room at the inn' for 500 homeless men, women, and children at the spectacular downtown Dallas Omni Hotel. Our fourth mission is Christ for the Homeless. SoupMobile Church is a 'one of a kind' church on the entire planet! It's because at SoupMobile Church the homeless are the 'Members' & if you and I attend we are their 'Guests.' A revolutionary concept to be sure but one that we think is long overdue. SoupMobile Church is the 'home' church for the homeless in Dallas. The homeless have never had their own 'home' church, until now.
Like all charities, the SoupMobile is grateful for ongoing financial assistance. Beyond that, we graciously accept donations of food and toiletries. Additionally, we need funds to go toward our housing program, The SoupMobile Shelter Program, within which we are currently creating a Veterans Shelter Program to house Homeless Veterans and help get them off the street and back to working, productive members of society.Currently, we are in need of donations toward our Veterans Shelter Program, a new project that will give Homeless Vets a 'Hand Up' toward self sufficiency. Finally, we are always appreciative of donations to the SoupMobile Thrift Store. All proceeds from the store go towards our mission of 'Feeding' and 'Sheltering' the homeless.