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Southwestern Christian College National Alumni Association

The mission of the National Alumni Association is to support the "benevolent, charitable, and educational undertaking by extending financial and other aid to Southwestern Christian College and students" by: - Encouraging sentiments by promoting the union of good fellowship among former students of Southwestern Christian College. - Coordinating all alumni activities to serve as the general alumni organization of Southwestern. - Maintaining the administrative agency and executive personnel needed to provide for a continuity of alumni activity and interest.
The Southwestern Christian College National Alumni Association is collaborating with our beloved alma mater in a $2 Million Campaign. Each Alum, Heritage Member or Supporter of Southwestern Christian College is ask to help our institution of higher education to reach this goal. If we all work together, we can accomplish this campaign quickly. Ram Support 2,000 people x $1,000 = $2 Million 10,000 people x $200 = $2 Million Every donation counts, because every donation gets us closer to our goal. Rams we are On The Move