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The TADSAW, INC. mission is to provide for the training of a Medical Alert Service Dog, as designated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990/2010 guidelines, for any wounded Veteran Service Member (Active Duty. Retired, Discharged) surviving with Military Induced Anxiety Depression Syndrome (MIADS), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), in order to restore and improve the Veteran's Quality of Life with a canine 'Battle Buddy', at NO CHARGE to the Veteran or the family. The TADSAW program is very unique in that the veteran is trained to be a Dog Trainer/Handler under the supervision of the TADSAW Dog Trainer. The veteran learns all of the obedience skills necessary for the dog to behave appropriately in public or anywhere else. The veteran learns how to train the dog to perform the necessary tasks associated with improving the Quality of Life of the person. During this process, the veteran is taught how to read the dog's body language and proactively respond to the alert, based on olfactory communication and recognition, being displayed in order to alleviate or lessen the effect of the PTSD episode, TBI pseudo-seizure, etc., rather than responding to the crisis situation after it has taken hold of the individual. The TADSAW philosophy is Together you train to hone your skills and Bond as a Team. The program is a one-time training, for the majority of applicants. When the need to replace the older Service Dog with a new and younger version is necessary; the Veteran has the skills to train the second, third and future Service Dogs, without waiting for an organization to replace the previous dog. The only lesson required is the scheduling of the TADSAW PATT for the final accreditation of the Service Dog Team. This is the Lifetime Investment Lesson you have provided for the Veteran.
TADSAW INC accredits approximately 20 to 25 Medical Alert Service Dog Teams each year. The Team is composed of a Veteran and the Service Dog. \Based on the TADSAW INC statistics for applications from the Greater Dallas Area, we expect to accredit 30 Service Dog Teams during 2017-2018. The cost per Team is $2,500. Therefore TADSAW INC is seeking to raise $75,000 during the North Texas Giving Day, to assist in the funding of the Veterans and their canine Battle Buddies of North Texas.