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Tails from the Heart

Tails from the Heart Dog Rescue's mission is dedicated to companion animal welfare; enriching the lives of families and communities through adoption services, medical care, and education.
Veterinary care is our single largest expense along with medical supplies and food. We currently take in several dogs a month that have more than just the average spay/neuter and shots for medical. Some require surgeries, heartworm treatment, viral infections that require hospitalization that cost more to treat. We do not want to leave these pets behind due to cost of medical to treat them. With adoption fees ranging from $225-$275, donations are necessary to make up the difference so that we may continue to rescue more homeless dogs in need. Each dog we rescue is placed in a foster home and we do not use boarding as a source for our dogs. Each foster home gets from us a crate, bedding, lead for walking and food so they can provide things like love, training and daily care of our rescued dogs. The veterinary care and items we provide to our fosters and adopters is what our donations all go towards. We also provide to our dogs monthly heartworm and flea/tick meds each month. These meds cost us approximately $15 per dog per month.