Raised for Nonprofits

TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation

The TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation mission is to raise funds for national childhood cancer research programs, to build awareness of the limited government funding for childhood cancer research, and to support patient programs.
1. TeamConnor Art Box Program: $25,000 requested. The TeamConnor Art Box Program at Children's Health Dallas and Cook Children's in Ft. Worth supports patients in the Stem Cell Transplant Units. These children have severely compromised immune systems, and they are often kept in the isolation unit for 30 - 75 days at a time. This means limited to no contact with family members and no in-person contact with friends. Children's Health has found that the Art Box Program provides essential components of quality pediatric health care by supporting the child's psychological and emotional needs while easing their feelings of isolation and loneliness. Your generous donations will provide very sick children in our community with an outlet to express their feelings and creativity during one of the most difficult times in their young lives. 2. TeamConnor Summer Internship: $10,000 requested. This opportunity at Children's Health / UTSW continues the legacy of education to train the next generation of pediatric cancer doctors and researchers. This internship will support the funding of 2 -- 3 college or medical students for the 2018 summer to work closely with Children's Health / UTSW pediatric oncologists. 3. Biospecimen Collection Study (Children's Health/ UTSW): $30,000 requested. Blood and saliva for DNA collection from all newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patients, to begin understanding the genetics of WHY children develop cancer. 4. Nanoparticle therapy for Neuroblastoma: $25,000 requested. Cook Children's Health Care System research project investigating the way intensive chemotherapy is delivered to patients with life-threatening neuroblastoma (aggressive pediatric tumor).