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Texas Metro Wildlife Rehabilitators

Our primary mission is the rehabilitation and subsequent release of ill, injured, orphaned, or displaced native wildlife back to their natural habitats.
TMWR's constant needs for the rehabilitation of the wildlife that comes into our care from the members of our community include: formula, vaccines, weaning foods, caging, medical supplies, and veterinarian care. In addition to supplies, we need manpower to care for our babies and carry out the support activities that keeps our organization running smoothly. We are a 100% volunteer organization made up of over 40 members. Every year we take in over 1500 animals and this number keeps rising. Some of the volunteer opportunities include: foster parenting of the orphaned wildlife babies we intake, clerical, transport, special projects like cage and nesting box building, release teams, outreach and education, media, and fundraising. Another key element is our focus on increasing awareness and educating the public about the needs of our urban wildlife. Through our outreach program and education classes we strive to reduce wildlife conflicts between the public and their wildlife neighbors. We also provide a service to our community by being the first responder to the individual who finds the wildlife in need. Often times we are able to reassure and guide people on the best case scenario which is to reunite mother and babies. In other occasions, not only we take care of the wildlife but also form connections with the good samaritans that have rescued an injured wildlife; as this can have an emotional impact on that person.