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Texas Tenants' Union

The mission of the Texas Tenants' Union is to empower tenants through education and organizing to protect their rights, preserve their homes, improve their living conditions, and enhance the quality of life in their communities. For more than 40 years, the Texas Tenants' Union has given tenants the information and assistance they need to solve their rental housing problems, as well as get involved and make a difference in their communities.
Thousands of tenants contact us each year seeking information and assistance to remedy rental housing problems. We work with tenants to prevent evictions and homelessness, minimize the adverse consequences to tenants and the community when eviction does occur, improve living conditions at substandard properties, help tenants recover security deposits that are unlawfully kept, and inform tenants of their rights generally, so that they may avoid rental housing problems in the future. Contributions support the following activities: 1) Educating tenants about their rights and guiding them through the process of understanding their lease agreements through free weekly workshops, phone assistance, and written materials. 2) Preserving and improving multifamily housing with active, informed input from residents of properties, primarily at federally-subsidized housing threatened with market-rate conversion, substandard conditions, or unaffordable utilities. 3) Building the capacity of tenant groups through leadership development. 4) Advancing tenants' rights and affordable housing preservation in public policy. For more than 40 years, we have provided tenants with information and assistance to solve their rental housing problems and become involved in their neighborhoods to create stronger, more caring communities. Our work has been recognized with a Harry Chapin Self-Reliance Award (given to organizations that are judged outstanding for their innovative and creative approaches to fighting domestic hunger and poverty by empowering people and building self-reliance) as well as awards from the National Alliance of HUD Tenants and others.