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Texas Trees Foundation

The mission of the Texas Trees Foundation is to: 1. Plant trees to enhance the beauty and beneficial use of public lands and rights-of-way 2. Expand, maintain and protect the permanence of the urban forest 3. Educate people of all ages to be good stewards of our most important natural resource-trees
The Texas Trees Foundation, founded in 1982, is transforming the landscapes in Dallas and North Texas. Project support is needed for: Dallas Medical District Streetscaping, Improving the healing atmosphere of our health-care community in the Medical District; DISD "Cool Schools," Creating outdoor learning centers on 151 elementary school campuses so that "no child is left inside", Downtown Dallas Urban Tree Canopy Plan, cooling the heart of the city, shading streets and cleaning the air; and NeighborWoods, beautifying public spaces, right-of-ways, parks, trails, and special projects. These projects, along with individualized landscaping opportunities create a "sense of place" and mitigate the environmental challenges that we face in Dallas and North Texas.