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The Art Station

To provide a safe and encouraging environment for clients, where art making can be used to promote personal growth, uplift hearts and help heal minds and bodies. The Art Station is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit in North Texas which provides art therapy to children, teens and adults facing many different life challenges such as depression & other mental health issues, behavioral problems, developmental delays, trauma, grief & loss, chronic illnesses, and school problems due to low self esteem, anxiety or attention issues. Our art therapy services help others increase self-awareness and explore growth potential. Our therapists are mental health professionals with graduate degrees and/or specialized training in art therapy. With their specialized education, training and experience, our therapists help clients bring the inside out to create better lives for themselves and their families. Specifically, they help clients repair relationships, enhance educational endeavors, acquire critical life skills, maximize their potential, manage emotional and physical health, improve job performance, achieve career goals, enrich the lives of other and contribute to the community. Since we opened our doors in 2004, we have served more than 12,000 clients. With plans for growth over the next few years, we anticipate those numbers will significantly increase.
The need for our unique art therapy services in the community is far greater than our current capacity to deliver services with limited space and staff. Our wait list for service weighs on our hearts because we know how effective art therapy can be in helping people facing difficult life challenges. The Art Station is the only nonprofit art therapy organization in North Texas providing services to the community. Our current Needs: - We need program support funding to expand our art therapy to more individuals, families and groups in the community. With the addition of one art therapist in 2014 and another art therapist in 2015, we were able to increase the number of individuals served from 528 in 2013 to 1949 individuals served in 2015. With no art therapy programs at colleges/universities in this region of the country, recruiting art therapists is challenging. However, The Art Station is a training site for three distance-learning colleges, which offer art therapy graduate degrees. We have opportunities to expand our capacity with art therapy students graduating through the distance-learning programs this year and next year. - We need financial and program support as well as art supplies for the two Visionary Veteran Groups we do each week. These are Veterans who return have returned from recent service as well as Veterans who served during the Gulf War and Vietnam time frame. The groups help Veterans struggling with stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury and military sexual trauma. All too often emotions get tangled up inside and negatively impact thinking and behavior. Trauma and extremely stressful situations can intensify the tangled emotions. Many of the Veterans in our two weekly art therapy groups have discovered the benefits of creating art to visually externalize the emotions so they can be processed. The art groups also create a unique community of support.