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The Artist Outreach

Our mission is to change the educational, emotional and financial futures of those we serve through creative arts with the programs we provide to schools and advocacy centers. The Artist Outreach provides three different program service formats: The STREAMliners programming provides services to schools as a supplemental education through cross-curricular program combining STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and other core studies with the use of creative arts and literature. We have appropriately named it the TAO STREAMliners. Our second program service format is Art Therapy designed specifically for at-risk youth and emotionally damaged adults, which we call Inspired Living. Our third program service format, Healing in Motion is dedicated to the adults that we serve that are in transition. We show them how creativity can be a part of their everyday tasks, such as culinary and nutrition, grooming, and yoga and other forms of regular body movement.
On-Going Programs: - TAO STREAMliners provides services to schools as a supplemental education through cross-curricular integration, reinforcing the teachers' lessons with a strong emphasis on imaginative and playful techniques. A semester-long weekly program during the school day working in conjunction with teachers and TEKS lesson plans to build creative projects with the use of Creative Arts and professional artists. In-School & After-School Programming: $6,000 per semester. - Inspired Living Art Therapy & Life Skills Workshops include culinary and equipment: $5,000 (various programs found @ www.TheArtistOutreach.org) - Music Program: TCU, Starpoint School (for learning differences including forms of Autism, Dysgraphia, and Dyslexia) $30,000 > General Operating & Administration: Computers and Music Production Software: $5,000 Office Supplies, Printer, Toner, etc.: $3,000