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The Battered Womens Foundation

The Battered Women's Foundation gives hope to the hopeless. We help battered & abused women and kids after they have left an abusive home. We started our first Battered Women's agency in 1995. We provide our clients with over 15 services to start over. We assist them for 2 years after violence or abuse. We offer hope, healing and a fresh start to our clients. We help women and their children in the DFW area. Because of you and your generous donations we can continue to give them hope.
We need food, clothing, toiletries, gas cards, and especially financial aid to help with our emergency care program. Anything you can do to help us would be wonderful. We have helped over 5000 moms and their children leave abusive homes. Your support is vial to our success. Thank you for helping us change lives.When women leave a violent home, they don't know how they will survive but we make sure they can and that they will