Raised for Nonprofits

The Denton Wesley Foundation

The Denton Wesley is a loving and liberating community. We believe in the power of love and service through Christ to transform the world. Our purpose is to invite, disciple, and empower college students to grow as Christian leaders.
The Denton Wesley Foundation is passionate about adapting and responding to needs we see arising in our community, as well as engaging, equipping, and empowering emerging leaders for faith-inspired and informed social action and outreach. To this end, we are looking for a refrigeration unit to expand the Shiloh Food Pantry and to begin offering hygiene products, items for infant care, and school supplies so that we are not duplicating services provided on the University of North Texas campus but are meeting an unattended need of our students. We will be launching a student-led Hunger Initiative to better assess the causes of food insecurity amongst college students, raise awareness about this issue, provide support for students and food-justice agencies, and formulate action plans to ameliorate food injustice. The Hunger Initiative is looking for funding to host awareness-raising events and to launch an annual 5K run. In addition, our students will be implementing a special-needs ministry for children at First United Methodist Church and will need craft and sports supplies, as well as monthly provision of meals for the children with whom we will be working. We are also discussing possible building plans to be able to offer to women and other vulnerable populations resources and safe spaces, in conjunction with our feminist ministry group, fEMPOWER. Finally, we desires to be a space for emerging artists and creators. We want to provide materials such as paints, canvases, and instruments and a free venue to those who otherwise would not have access to the means to discover, hone, or share their gifts. We will be looking for furnishings for our multi-use space that are easily moveable so that we can convert our main room to accommodate live music, poetry, arts, and speaker events, as well as quiet studying, weekly free lunches for all Denton college students, small groups, and other non-profit groups that use our facility. We will be updating our flooring, as well, to provide a cleaner, more functional environment.