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The Human Impact

MISSION: The Human Impact exists to befriend the homeless and bridge the relational gap to change lives. VISION: We work to affirm the dignity of every individual we encounter. Committed no matter the outcome, we put pens in the hands of people who are homeless and offer a simple invitation: Write your own story. VALUES: We empower the under-resourced by offering practical solutions. We affirm the dignity and value of all life. We extend an open invitation for all to experience God in a new way. A NEW MODEL: Having observed firsthand the one-dimensional and often short-term results of the current service model within homeless and impoverished communities, The Human Impact seeks not to replicate what is currently offered nor attempt to fill a missing piece. We are offering a different kind of model altogether. We believe poverty stems most fundamentally from broken relationships: relationships that are not just and not life-giving. Therefore, the solution to poverty exists most fundamentally in mending what is broken: restoring dignity and life through new, healthy relationships.
The Human Impact is the only local organization that is fully immersed within the homeless community. You won't find us in a facility; our work happens under the bridges and on the sidewalks of South Dallas. As a result, we have the unique ability to maintain consistent relationships among a notoriously transient population. We've found that having material goods on hand distracts from what is most essential. And so, hands emptied of goods, minds cleared of assumptions, we are free to listen, be fully present, and discern the deeper need. Only then do we see whole-person restoration, the kind of proactive change that endures. Enable us to continue the restorative work of community among the most marginalized and under-resourced in the city of Dallas.
GL Seaman & Company, Alt + Co, Laura & Scott Rohrman, Will Stroud, Whitney & Chris Landers