Raised for Nonprofits

The Main Place

The Main Place provides the ultimate shopping experience* for homeless teens, victims of domestic/sexual abuse, fire, flood and other tragedies, and those who are poor and in need. *Volunteers act as "image consultants" and provide new, trendy, age appropriate, well fitting clothing. Our goal is to raise each person's self esteem, remove part of their financial burden and show them God's love through our service.
We need a new building. Our space, provided by the City of Irving since 2009, is being repurposed and we have to find a new location. The City and the Irving Arts Board are converting our building into a satellite Art Gallery. We outgrew the space (6K sq ft) several years ago, and now need 8K to 12K sq ft on a bus line with easy access for our clients. Furthermore, we need more space so we can resume ordering from partners who supply brand new items. We receive almost all our merchandise at no cost, but not all. Occasionally our partners have no access to the items we need. Sometimes we have to purchase. We also need items for our impending move. The Main Place has more buying power than an individual, has access to high quality for less and pays no sales tax. It would be wonderful to have reimbursement for some of our expenditures. o Sheets - TMP has access to $10 per full set - need 200 sets o Towel sets - TMP has access to $10 per set - need 200 sets o Rolling shelving racks - TMP has access to $80/ rack - need 10 o Clear plastic storage boxes - TMP has access to set of 3 for $15 - need 40 o Shopping bags - TMP has access to purchase wholesale $340 for 1000 A salary for Founder/Executive Director and monies to hire a full time fund developer would change our world! I wear many hats - grant writing is one of them. Since I have no training, it takes me much longer than it would a professional. I need to devote my time toward making our necessary expansion a reality, while continuing to provide outstanding service to those in need. We are good stewards of our donations, our volunteers' time, and resources. We have not paid for rent, renovations, repairs, fixtures, furniture or inventory. We have operated all our programs and served all of our clients without using our funds (with the exception of crisis situations). Now we are at a critical point and need the time and manpower to go after funding for the new location and much needed salaries.