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The UCF Wesley Foundation @ Navarro College

UCF: A Wesley Foundation at Navarro College is a ministry to make disciples of Jesus Christ, and raise a new generation of leaders for the transformation of the college, Church and world.
Since 1981, the UCF Wesley Foundation of Navarro College has been guiding, supporting and teaching students about Jesus Christ. Our new Christian Leadership Center is helping college students build courage to share their faith! Our fall theme is "Do Something." We will focus on Global Challenges Christians struggle with and how we can address them. Each student will be put on a team to creatively address a challenge that interests them. They will work together to bring hope to the challenge. Our spring theme is Christian Leadership. In the spring, we will take our students to Sky Ranch in Van, TX for a retreat. Your support will pay for a student to attend the weekend retreat. Each student is $130. We humbly request your support. Thank you for the opportunity to make our dreams happen in college ministry. God is active on campus and in the lives of students. We will continue to nurture student's relationships with Jesus Christ and invite more people to join the faith journey.