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Theology of the Body Evangelization Team

TOBET seeks to share the message of Theology of the Body with people of all ages through books, programs, talks, and seminars. These educational resources will offer a response to the culture which devalues the human body and thus, the human person. By educating others about Pope St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body, TOBET offers a positive, holistic understanding of the dignity of the human person which is grounded in the truth and deep meaning of the human body.
Funding for TOBET's The Body Matters: a positive, age-appropriate curriculum for grades K-8 which teaches children about the truth of the body and its meaning.* *This curriculum does not address sexuality explicitly. Rather, it lays the foundation for a healthy, holistic understanding of a child's identity and dignity, and encourages them to embrace and respect their bodies and the bodies of others. Funds will cover the cost of development for approximately 30 lesson books with corresponding educator (and parent) guides, activities and fictional story books: writing, illustrating, design, printing and publishing costs Projected Completion: Fall 2018