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Trans Pride Initiative

Trans Pride Initiative empowers trans and gender nonconforming persons to rise above social barriers to equal healthcare, housing, employment, and education.
Trans Pride has recently opened an office and small community space for serving the trans community in Dallas. Our work load is increasing, yet we have no consistent source of funds other than community donations. We are increasingly becoming a place that people turn to when needing emergency shelter, yet we do not have funding enough to provide any type of shelter access other than to refer to existing shelters, which are often full and are especially dangerous for trans persons (even the few that actually accept trans persons). We are also increasingly supporting the incarcerated trans community across the state of Texas, the only Texas organization that is doing so on a consistent and comprehensive basis. Primarily one person is doing this work as a volunteer, putting in up to 100+ hours per week to try to keep up. New volunteers are starting to help, but this kind of work is difficult and emotionally draining. It is extremely difficult to find volunteers to consistently contribute in the areas needed. We are seeking to hire a few part-time staff who could help take on needed tasks and be able to pay an accountant to take over the bookkeeping because current staff do not have the expertise needed for payroll.