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Tribute Comfort Dogs

Inspired by a dog's unconditional love and loyalty, our Mission is to enrich the lives of all those who answer the call to serve and their families through the human-animal bond. Our teams will travel to various events and facilities, at no charge, to bring comfort & joy, lifting spirits of service members, veterans, 1st responders and their families.
Tribute Comfort Dogs was founded by a military family to support and encourage all those who served and their families. We travel to facilities and events to provide visits from our Comfort Dog teams. We can reach more by being mobile and being a military family/organization being on the move is one of the things we do well. With your help, we can accomplish multiple goals. First, we will be able to expand our reach by training and testing new teams. Second, your assistance will help to cover team expenses such as travel, insurance and team gear. Also, your donation will help Tribute Comfort Dogs to acquire equipment necessary to development handler skills. Visits from our Comfort Dog teams bring unconditional comfort and joy Lifting spirits and providing support through camaraderie that only other military families can give. We know first hand, social connectedness is vital to veterans' and military families' mental and emotional well-being, especially when transitioning back to civilian life. Challenges are accepted and sacrifices are made in every military family. It is who we are and what we are made of. It is this loyalty and selflessness that we honor.