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UNA-USA Dallas Chapter

The mission of UNA-USA, a program of the United Nations Foundation, is to inform, inspire and mobilize Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations and to strengthen the United Nations system. UNA-USA encourages U.S. leadership to work constructively through the United Nations and encourages everyone to achieve the goals of the United Nations Charter. Through its chapters, divisions and programs, UNA-USA educates the American public about the invaluable work of the United Nations, raises funds and carries out local activities related to the United Nations, and recruits, engages, and retains members around the country.
The UNA-USA Dallas Chapter conducts education events throughout the year. Funds are needed for event related expenses, event rental and honoraria for speakers. Also, funds are provided to subsidize travel for members to national conferences. Fundraisers, member dues and donations are used to support these events. The UNA-USA Dallas Chapter is 63 years old. The Board of Directors has voted to create a written history of the chapter. The resources required to research, write, design and publish a history exceed the current monetary resources available to the chapter.