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U.S Special Response

U.S Special Response is a charitable organization (501c3) which provide training to the general public, security professionals, and military government personnel in the field of terrorism, anti-terrorism, and counter terrorism. US Special Response aim to support critical terrorism prevention activities and provide intelligence reports to law enforcement and FBI on a quarterly basis.
Details of Use of fund: emergency kits for our training and operational: The U.S. Special Response, a charitable organization, was established in Texas in 2013 and on December 2016, received its 501c3 designated charity status and we respectfully request a grant of for our Training Program. As a non-government organization serving in the United States, we are well aware of the threats that occur in our country. As we all know, in this era, terrorism is not just physical but advanced to Chemical and Cyber-attacks. Our organization employs veterans from the Israel Defence Force, United States Air Force, Military Police and veterans of law enforcement agencies, all united with ONE MISSION. In relation to cyber security and terrorism prevention activities, our goal is - To provide support tools and methods that help law enforcement officers in ongoing investigations of web extremism. Our non-profit organization provides Intelligence & Cyber Security reports each quarter to law enforcement and government agencies nationwide. In dealing with Chemical or Biological Attacks which is often a more epidemic and often a scary matter of focus since inception. Our goal for this case is - To train school-age children (10 and older), community centres, government agencies, law enforcement officers and other security personnel on how to detect, respond and treat such attacks in the USA. With your help our goal is to provide additional 1500 Emergency Preparedness Kits to the community we serve. Cost for kit is $33.00.