Raised for Nonprofits

Literacy Achieves (founded as Vickery Meadow Learning Center)

Vision: Changing Lives Through Literacy Mission: To equip non-English speaking adults and their young children with English literacy and life skills to promote self-sufficiency and the overall well-being of our students, their families and the greater community.
Each year Literacy Achieves empowers hundreds of families by giving them the English literacy skills and self-confidence they need to become productive members of our community. But we can't do it alone. We rely on the generous support of individuals like you. With your support, we can continue to offer our free, award-winning English literacy program to the families of Vickery Meadow, West Dallas and East Dallas. - $35 buys a set of ESL books for one student - $100 provides nutritious snacks for one week for children in the Literacy Achieves Early Childhood Education Program - $250 supplies a year's worth of classroom materials for one ESL class - $400 sponsors a child's parent to participate in Literacy Achieves programs for a school year - $1,000 sponsors a child to participate in Literacy Achieves programs for a school year
Your donation to Literacy Achieves can have DOUBLE the impact. The first $30,000 in donations to Literacy Achieves will be matched Dollar for Dollar. These generous matching funds are provided by the Literacy Achieves Board of Directors ($10,000) and Kosmos Energy ($20,000). Kosmos Energy is a Dallas-based exploration and production company that‰ۡó»s focused on: 1. Finding and developing oil and gas resources, and 2. Being a force for good in the countries where they work Kosmos works internationally and has existing production and development projects offshore Ghana, large discoveries offshore Mauritania and Senegal, as well as exploration licenses offshore Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe, Suriname, Morocco and Western Sahara.