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Welcome Back Tarrant County

Welcome Back/Tarrant County helps men and women recently released "Bridge" the distance between being an ex-offender and become a respected citizen.
Of the 2,300+ men and women we see returning the immediate need are funds for Trade licenses, Bus passes (the free program will be discontinued in Sept) Emergency food and Men's and women's winter clothing. Hygiene. Remember many come home with nothing, but what they are wearing. Many need help with things we take for granted. We have paid for emergency dental, medical. We have bought marriage licenses. We are in the parole offices in Tarrant County. We are 95% volunteer and give 90% out to help. Our desire is to help many that become frustrated with acceptance of the community and give up and become homeless. To date we have helped over 300 find employment. Many are ready to work they don't know where or how to go through the maze of an ex-offender.