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Workers Defense Project

Workers Defense Project (WDP) is a membership-based organization that empowers low-income workers, primarily Latino immigrants, to achieve fair employment through education, direct services, organizing and strategic partnerships. In North Texas, WDP provides ESL classes, OSHA safety classes, computer classes, and legal services to help low-wage workers and their families.
Workers Defense Project's funding priorities in 2017 include: DEFENDING OUR FAMILIES, a new project launched in January 2017 that protects Texas' Latino immigrant families from deportation, detention and anti-immigrant policies. In addition to suing the state of Texas to stop the new show-me-your-papers law, SB 4, WDP is providing 20,000 immigrants with vital Know Your Rights training over the next year. EMPLOYMENT AND LEGAL SERVICES, which helps victims of wage theft and workplace injuries regain the pay or compensation that is rightfully theirs. This year, the program aims to recover $150,000 for 130 low-wage workers. ADULT EDUCATION AND TRAINING, which provides workers' rights education, English as a Second Language classes and OSHA-certified safety training, serving more than 2,000 low-wage Latino workers per year.