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Connect with NTGD on our social media networks. Like, share, repost from our feeds and tag North Texas Giving Day when you post about Giving Day!

Facebook: facebook.com/NorthTexasGivingDay
@NorthTexasGivingDay to tag

Twitter: twitter.com/ntxgivingday
@NTXGivingDay to tag
North Texas Giving Day hashtag: #NTXGivingDay

Instagram: instagram.com/ntxgivingday/
@NTXGivingDay to tag
North Texas Giving Day hashtag: #NTXGivingDay


 ◊ Take time before North Texas Giving Day to plan out your social media approach:
 ◊ What stories will your organization focus on?
 ◊ Who will be responsible for social media updates and conversations?
 ◊ Who will monitor your North Texas Giving Day progress to track donations and keep donors informed and engaged throughout the     day?
 ◊ Add your Facebook page and Twitter handle to email signatures.


North Texas Giving Day is an opportunity for your organization to increase visibility in the community. Harness the momentum and excitement surrounding Giving Day and use it to your organization’s advantage.

◊  Have conversations about NTGD on social media in the months up to and following September 14.
◊  Make your content relevant, interesting, sharable, and uplifting. A sad post may garner attention every once in
    a while, but no one wants to have their feed flooded with sad pictures and stories.
◊  Be authentic and engaging. Participate in the conversation. Respond to what people are saying to and about you.
◊  Ask your followers to tell you why they support you.
◊  Talk about your success stories - what were you able to do with the funds raised from last year’s Giving Day?
◊  Be excited! People want to be part of something bigger than themselves.
◊  Find creativity in what you have.
◊  Brag - your organization is doing great things. Tell people!
◊  Engage others to tell your story - get your staff, board and volunteers to be brand ambassadors for you.


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Social Media Training 2016

 ◊ POWER POINT - Social Media Deep-Dive by Caitlin Mitchell
 ◊ POWER POINT - What CFT is Doing, Nailing an Interview, Peer Presentations
 ◊ Speaker Overview for Social Media Training
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